The Mic Files: The K9 Police Hero Novels Books 1 - 3: Michaela McPherson Mysteries

The Mic Files: The K9 Police Hero Novels Books 1 - 3: Michaela McPherson Mysteries

Judith Lucci Founding author
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Women of Valor

The first three of the Michela McPherson Hero Police Dog Novels in a digital collection

The K9 Police Hero Novels 1-3

At the intersection of greed and evil...
...lies heinous crime...Michaela, Countess Dottie and K9 police hero dog Angel solve these cases...

A psychological action-adventure crime series featuring life-saving K9 Angel, his mistress, retired Irish homicide detective Michaela McPherson, her friend, octogenarian Italian Countess Dorothy Borghase and members of the local police.
Set in Richmond, Virginia, the series focuses on current-day crime and social issues that include human trafficking, terrorism, corporate greed and murder.

The Case of Dr. Dude

Michaela, Dottie and Angel work the kidnapping of a young women who never returns home from a job interview.

The Case of the Dead Dowager

Fear grips Richmond, Virginia as madmen invade restaurants and bars and terrorize patrons.

The Case of the Man Overboard

Mic, Dottie, and Angel take a restful Mediterranean cruise until a research scientist goes overboard and Michaela finds her clothes cut to shreds in her stateroom.


Reviews in the United States and abroad:

“Judith Lucci can paint pictures with words very deftly without need of gutter language to convey raw reality. Top-level author, from whom I need to read more. Her characters are razor sharp, and her descriptions make me feel a part of the book.”

Reviewed in the United States
GREAT series - if you like medical mysteries, read these!
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Release date: September 2, 2020

Publisher: Bluestone Valley Publishing

Print pages: 877

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