Welcome to BingeBooks — authors, here's where to start

Welcome to BingeBooks! We're excited to welcome you as an official BingeBooks author. Our passion is helping readers discover great novels and building a warm and friendly book community. We're so happy to have you on board.

Finding your author page

By now you've likely registered on the site as an author. To see the early version of the author page we've created based on the form you filled out, please log in, click your user icon at the top right of any page, and choose My profile. This will take you to your public author page as it now exists. But you'll want to edit and personalize it! 

Accessing your author page

To do that, click My Reads in the top navigation. This is your personal dashboard. From the left, scroll down to Author Access. This is where you directly edit and control the contents of your public author page.

Here's a video tour that will help:

To summarize:

On the main tab, please include the genres and subgenres you write in (up to six), your location, a snappy tagline about you as an author and a short bio (be pithy!).

On the second tab, Additional Details, you can add your website url and social media links. You'll also want to upload a cover photo (1920 x 340 pixels) or choose from our library of genre images.

When you have time, explore the other tabs, which give you the option to upload images (up to 5MB), links to videos, podcasts, links to other pages (say, your Amazon or BookBub author urls) and an Articles section where you can write slick-looking posts.

Editing your book pages

Once your author profile is in order, it's time to focus on the main event: your books! There are several things you can do to greatly increase your books' exposure on the site. This video will share those secrets and walk you what you can do with your author access. 

Get oriented as a user

BingeBooks is the place where both authors and readers can interact and discuss their love for books. Return to your My Reads page to explore areas of the site where you can create lists, join groups, save favorite books and authors to your private cubbyhole, manage your newsletter subscription and more. Click the My Reads link atop the left menu for an explanation of each personalized feature. 

More ways to participate

Once you’re set up, you’ll generate more visibility for your author brand — and in turn drive more book sales — if you take some simple steps. Here are some ideas to meet readers and grow your readership.

Other helpful links

Before you get started, make sure you read the House Rules for Authors.

Have any questions? We’re here to help! Contact us here: