How to get more visibility as an author on BingeBooks

There are several ways you can gain visibility for your author brand on BingeBooks.

Create a list

See the Lists section? This is a great way to cross-promote your author friends, share your favorite books, or create reading order lists for your readers! Created lists are searchable by readers and show up in our List Bliss section of the page. Check out some of the cool lists people have created..

If you haven’t already created a list, it’s easy! Here’s a short video explainer.

BingeBooks lists

Create a list — one of several ways to increase visibility on BingeBooks.

Share your samples with readers

Books with samples are more likely to be clicked on and purchased, which is why we highly encourage you to add opening chapters to all of your books! (Just don't upload more than 10% of your work.) Once you've added a sample, linking directly to this sample is a great way to immerse readers in your work and give them clear purchase links right at the end of that sample.

To link directly to a sample, just add #sample to the end of the book page url.

For example, this url: 

becomes this url:

Create or join a group

Groups are our newest addition to BingeBooks and is a great place to gather with readers, host a book club, or meet like-minded authors! Anyone can create a private or public group, or join an existing group in the Groups section of the site. 

Explore groups at 

Book recommendation email

Soon we will offer paid placement in our weekly genre-specific book recommendation email. This email will offer new releases, discounted titles and Kindle Unlimited picks in a weekly email to our subscribers. 

Here's our Welcome page for authors in case you missed it. 

Have any questions, inquiries or suggestions? Reach out to our team at any time, we love to hear from our authors!