Book Nerd Alliance

book nerds

Book nerds of the world, unite! Come join your fellow book lovers in the newly formed Book Nerd Alliance. (See the Book Nerds public page.)

Here's what's involved.

We've built BingeBooks as a platform where authors can interact with readers and where readers can spread the word about great reads you've come across. The Book Nerd Alliance is a way for you to let other book enthusiasts know about the exciting new capabilities of this new reader platform and to send us additional ideas about features and tools we should be building into BingeBooks.

Benefits of joining the Alliance

It's free to join the Book Nerd Alliance. Here's what you'll get:

  • Your profile photo, user name and link to your profile page will be listed on the Book Nerd Alliance membership roster — we'll have a page up shortly!
  • If you create book lists that help other readers learn about great reads in a genre or topic area, we'll feature those in a Reader Recommendations carousel on the home page and on genre landing pages.
  • You'll get an exclusive first look at new features and services before we release them to the public. (We're very excited about a group feature that's coming soon!)
  • We'll create a Book Nerd Alliance discussion group on our site where you can broach ideas or collaborate with other readers.
  • You'll have direct access to the leadership team of BingeBooks.
  • And, of course, you'll have the feel-good knowledge that you're helping to introduce other people to great reads.

Obligations of membership

By joining the Alliance, we ask the following:

  • Please offer ideas and feedback about new features you'd like to see in the online readers community we're building.
  • If you'd like, create Lists of books that we can spotlight on our main landing pages.
  • If you have time, help us to curate, edit or optimize some book pages and help us fix up some of the blemishes on the site.
  • Spread the word about BingeBooks among your fellow book lovers.
  • You agree to receive email communications from us about the Alliance.

How to apply

Interested? Just fill out this short survey and we'll get right back to you!: