Undeath Ascendant: A Vampire Omnibus

Undeath Ascendant: A Vampire Omnibus

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Explore the shadows with this great vampire omnibus from the Warhammer Old World.

Ancient and cruel, vampires are reviled across the realms of man for their cunning intellect and bloodthirsty pleasures. These quicksilver killers prowl the grim, shaded forests and walled cities of the Old World, slaughtering without mercy, in eternal bondage to a despicable thirst. Only the most valorous heroes of the Empire brave the epic quests to hold back this darkness, and hold it back they must, lest the curse of undeath make monsters of them all…


This omnibus edition collects together the novels The Red Duke by C L Werner, Ancient Blood by Robert Earl and Curse of the Necrarch by Steven Savile, as well as three short stories.

Release date: May 25, 2021

Publisher: Games Workshop

Print pages: 848

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