Unabashedly Yours : An office romance

Unabashedly Yours : An office romance

She thinks I can fall in love like all those men in the romance books she devours.

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"Rina is a bookworm like all of us, she devours romance and knows all the good clichés. I felt like I was reading myself. Her passion for romance is inspiring."
Book Reviewer
"You don't need to believe in love to fall in love. This book brings you all the feels. And a phone call too hot to hang up."
Rodrigo Maya
Book Reviewer
"If you like slow burners, office romance and enemies to lovers, this is for you."
Marcela Ferros
Book Reviewer and Actor


I close my long fingers around her delicate ankle, “You need to get a life, Sabrina.”



I like control, sue me. In fact, don't, it usually works the other way around.

I have to say, my life is on tracks:

✓ I make decent money with a job I love,

✓ my house looks good

✓ I have spare to help Ma.

 Well, the pink-haired devil begs to differ.  

 My assistant, Sabrina Rubio, (a.k.a., the bane of my existence) has an opinion about everything, particularly about my dating life. She thinks I can fall in love just like those men in the romance books she devours. But that's one more thing we have to disagree.

Sabrina can call me a grumpy boss as much as she likes. There will be no office flirting going on at number 34, Main Street - Yellow Meadows.

 Between her steamy romance books and her crass humour, I'm pretty sure her main goal is to drive me insane.



His lips curls inside his mouth, nostrils flare. Janey, I made him angry, didn't I?



*This sweet romantic comedy is an absolute treat for fans of Sally Thorne's THE HATING GAME, Jo Watson's LOVE TO HATE YOU or Lucy Score's BY A THREAD.

Or for anyone who's looking for a spicy new book, an opinionated heroine, a grumpy and protective hero. Fighting as foreplay and the beloved enemy to lovers trope.

Release date: November 11, 2020

Publisher: Amy Oliveira

Print pages: 571

Content advisory: Sexual content.

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Behind the book

When a cynic and a romance author are stuck together in an office, who will get the last word?


Darren has never had a day in his life that wasn’t completely under his control. Rina never had control over anything in her life, besides a fierce determination of becoming a great romance author. 


Nothing drives her crazy like the practical way Darren chooses to live without love and nothing drives him crazier than Rina herself.


Rina only saw the work as a legal assistant as a temporary stop on her journey to live in a big city, while Darren was always perfectly content in his life as a small-town attorney. They spend their daily workdays between bickering, dealing with the town’s crazy residents and a little bit of passive aggression (Are lawyers people?). 


Will a big new case make them bond and let Darren finally see the world through his pink-haired assistant’s romantic eyes? And what will that mean for her plans of leaving Yellow Meadows?

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