Times of Change

Times of Change

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When a wolf shifter was in a pack, they were ranked according to gender and power. Luckily for Tatum Roloff, she didn't have a pack. Or was it?

Tragedy befell her family, leaving her in charge. Being a unique female shifter with both submissive and dominant characteristics, Tatum stepped above the image of a male-led society. She learned to take charge and survive, placing her happiness on hold to be of service to her family.

When the time came to hunt for a pack, a plan formed to find a true mate.

The Green Lagoon Pack accepted her, but she found herself in conflict with the beta brothers. Cade hated her, and Luke maybe loved her.

Will Tatum be able to focus on her pack and find love, or will she let the shifters who hate her new female ranking destroy her chances of both love and service for her pack?

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Times of Change
B. L. Dawn
Heather Firth,
Troy Duran
314.51 MB
March 31, 2021
Obscure Lunar Publishing




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