Thick as Thieves

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Tru is a thief. Always has been.
But it's time to leave that life behind.
She has plans, and they all hinge on one final heist.
Stealing from a stealer. Taking what she needs for her future.
Only one thing stands in her way.
Her past.
And it comes in the form of the man who broke her heart.
Will taught her everything she knows, including how to go on after your world falls apart.
Now it's time for her to show him what she's capable of.
Will left everything that mattered to him behind to keep Tru safe.
Protect her from the very life he brought her into.
He thought without him she would walk away. Stop the madness he thrived on for so long.
But Tru didn't stop.
She's in deeper than ever before, caught up in a game she only has half the pieces for.
So he has to protect her again.
But seeing her again reminds him how perfect they were together.
How perfect she is.
He left her behind once.
He won't be so selfless this time.
***This title was previously published as Ring Tru, book 1 in the Thick as Thieves series***

Release date: January 1, 2021

Print pages: 145

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