They Came for Him

They Came for Him

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Release date: November 18, 2022

Publisher: pd workman

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Author Notes may contain spoilers!

I already knew at the end of She Told a Lie that Luke would be getting in trouble again. That’s the reality. As a long-term addict buried as deep in the trafficking business as he was, he had little chance of getting clean and out of it.

He’s been working hard at it. He’s been through rehab. He’s got Joss, who is as experienced as they get, working in his corner. But I had little doubt that at some point, he would step over the line. And there have been hints at that in the last few books.

You may wonder why Zachary puts up with Joss’s angry and bitter attitude toward him. Of course he feels guilty for what she has gone through, believing that she would not have been trafficked if she hadn’t been put into foster care when he burned the house down. But there’s more to it than that. Even with Joss’s angry jabs, she and Zachary are bonded with each other, she helped to care for him when no one else did, and she is more of a mother figure than his own long-lost mother. There is a special close relationship between them, no matter how angry and irritable Joss acts.

In this book, maybe you will see a little bit of that and Joss’s well-hidden softer side.

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