The Trouble With Harriet

The Trouble With Harriet

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When Tempers Flare And Sparks Fly.  .  .
Once Harriet Kingsley was an impoverished, starry-eyed schoolgirl. Now, a little older and much wiser, she is a young widow with vast riches--and a life of her own. No high-and-mighty gentleman, not even Lord Marcus, can tell her what to do.  .  .especially about her ward, Annabelle.
.  .  .Can It Be True Love?
What is wrong with Lady Harriet, according to Marcus, is that she will not listen--and that she is so maddeningly lovely!  Worse, their shared guardianship of the rebellious Annabelle has brought her into his household to handle the chit.  .  .and she's turning his life topsy-turvy. With a battle of wits soon raging over politics and a woman's proper place, Marcus is incensed--and intrigued. Then an impetuous kiss turns into a burning passion. Now the pros and cons are melting into sighs, but for Marcus the trouble with Harriet is only beginning.  .  ..

Release date: August 1, 2013

Publisher: Zebra Books

Print pages: 256

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