The Saxon Bride

The Saxon Bride

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C.H. Admirand sweeps her readers back into the past to Medieval England with her Mo Ghrá Mo Chroí Go Deo Series with book 2: The Saxon Bride. This re-release has been re-edited and freshened up. For readers who have already read this Medieval series, I have changed the love scenes to appeal to a broader range of readers, by giving Lady Eyreka and Augustin de Chauret their privacy during those intimate moments. Never fear, the romance is still the most important part of Lady Eyreka and Augustin de Chauret's story.

Merewood Keep is just beginning to earn revenues with Garrick as it's overlord. When the new Norman King decides to gift the newly rebuilt keep to one of his favored knights, his mother Eyreka is devastated until she hears the rumors that the Norman is widowed.

Augustin de Chauret has no desire to marry, nor live in England. But his liege lord has gifted him with a keep and now a wife. Will the Saxon beauty win his heart as well as his name?

Release date: November 2, 2014

Publisher: C.H. Admirand

Print pages: 328

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