So Others May Live

So Others May Live

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Sometimes the first time is the charm, and this sweet military romance about a USCG Rescue Swimmer is closer to the original story than the later version released in the Spec Ops anthology. USCG Rescue Swimmer, James Purcell, jumps out of a helicopter into rough seas and deteriorating weather to rescue people whenever summoned. It is simply part of the job. But that was before his SAR Unit receives a distress call that a boat is in trouble, and he sees a valiant dark-haired beauty bleeding from a head wound, struggling to maintain control of her floundering sailboat.
Bronwyn Griffith pits herself against the elements, all for the sake of research. Desperate to gain the attention of her editor, nothing is going to stop her. Not the wicked weather, the slippery main sheet, or the man pulling himself up over the railing into the cockpit of her boat claiming he's here to save her. She doesn't need to be saved and doesn't want to be rescued.

Release date: January 4, 2017

Publisher: C.H. Admirand

Print pages: 163

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