The Queen's Diamond

The Queen's Diamond

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Desirae Fernandez is kicked out of her parents’ home in Little Havana on her eighteenth birthday. She
has only one plan, and that is to be grown.
When her best friend gives her the opportunity to make fast money at Miami’s Queen of Diamonds gentlemen’s
club, Desirae dives head first into the business and meets a handsome, hoodrich, up and coming rap label CEO
by the name of Luxury. Their attraction to one another is undeniable, but he plays her cool until she turns 21.
Messing around in the booth at his brother’s studio, she freestyles as a joke. Everything changes once he
discovers she can actually rap. With the Monnahan Boyz’s ghostwriting abilities and vision, Luxury transforms her
into a superstar.
Rising to the top of the charts, Desirae becomes famous seemingly overnight. Cars, jewelry, clothes, money—
she lives for it all, but a new face in town stirs things up. Her best friend is brutally murdered, and everything
Luxury pours into Desirae points her straight down a dark path

Release date: September 29, 2020

Publisher: Urban Books

Print pages: 288

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