My Hustler, My Enemy

My Hustler, My Enemy

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In two-time African American Literary Award-winning author Niyah Moore’s latest Urban novel, crime kingpins learn the hard way to, “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer…”

Mylah is so in love with Rome, but Rome is a kingpin who is more concerned with taking the TL’s from his competition, Blaze. Rome and his crew don’t realize just how close his enemy is. Blaze is the most feared man around, but he’s a ghost because no one has ever seen him. While Rome’s on a hunt to find Blaze, he’s hit with fatal surprise after fatal surprise. His empire comes tumbling down, and he finally comes to face to face with Blaze.
Kane is Blaze’s hitter, the reason everyone fears Blaze. Kane has roughed up anybody who has a problem with Blaze, but as a single father, keeping his daughter out of harm’s way is becoming harder. He does everything he can to keep their street team in line regardless of what’s being said about Blaze’s identity, but as Rome’s crew gets closer to finding Blaze, Kane has no other choice but to go to war for Blaze by any means necessary.

Release date: April 26, 2022

Publisher: Urban Books

Print pages: 288

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