The Phantom Queen Diaries: Books 4-6

The Phantom Queen Diaries: Books 4-6

Shayne Silvers Founding author
My name is Quinn MacKenna, and magic doesn’t work on me.
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The second three novels in the bestselling Phantom Queen Diaries: Dark and Stormy, Moscow Mule, and Witches Brew.


My name is Quinn MacKenna, and magic doesn’t work on me.

When I’m not getting roped into bar brawls in Boston, I’m usually acquiring—stealing is a form of acquisition, you know—dangerous magical artifacts to turn around and sell them to the highest bidders.

But I prefer to be paid in favors, not money. Because favors are a hot commodity in the Land of the Fae. Favors are the only currency that will buy the answers I seek: why magic doesn’t work on me, and who my real father is.

Everything was going so well…until I accidentally stole something from a wizard named Nate Temple in St. Louis. That’s the day my life changed forever.


“Shayne Silvers, Jim Butcher, and Kevin Hearne are easily my favorite Urban Fantasy Authors. In that order.” — Michael Anderle, Amazon Top 25 Bestselling Author


More than 1m copies downloaded and thousands of five-star reviews. Available in digital, print, and audiobook formats.


Release date: January 13, 2020

Publisher: Argento Publishing, LLC

Print pages: 874

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