The Ocean Girl: A Fairy Tale with Benefits

The Ocean Girl: A Fairy Tale with Benefits

Book 3: Sylvania
She escaped his net, but now he’s caught her heart.
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She escaped his net, but now he's caught her heart.

Muri was resigned to being the tenth bride of the king of the merfolk—until he disappeared on land. Now she has mere days to find him among the treacherous fairies and dim-witted humans before the throne is forfeit and his menacing rival takes control of the merkingdom.

Her first shimmering glimpse of a human in a boat is so captivating, his fishing net almost ensnares her. But once on shore, she discovers that the fairies are kind, and the humans intelligent. And the man who almost caught her—a fish-catcher named Jack—is utterly handsome.

Muri needs to warn the mermaids that the merking won't be returning—he's lying drunk in the village park, unable to shift to merman form. But she hesitates to leave the village. Muri wants to learn more of this place where humans and fairies help each other, women and men are equals, and rulers are chosen by everyone. And she wants to spend more time with Jack.

But the merking's rival is coming for her. He'll threaten the whole village to force her to return home. To keep Jack safe, she'll have to leave him.

Release date: March 21, 2023

Publisher: Jane Buehler

Print pages: 298

Content advisory: Contains love scenes

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