• The Nate Temple Series: Books 0 - 3
  • The Nate Temple Series: Books 4 - 6

The Nate Temple Series Boxsets

Shayne Silvers Founding author
Genres: Urban Fantasy
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From Book 1:

The first three novels and the prequel novella in the million-selling Nate Temple Series: Obsidian Son, Blood Debts, Grimm, and Fairy Tale.


My name is Nate Temple, and I’m secretly a wizard.

I ride a foul-mouthed unicorn, I drink with Achilles, and I’m pals with the Four Horsemen. I’ve even cow-tipped the Minotaur. I understand the theory of following the rules…I’m just not very good at the application.

Because rules were meant to be broken, and St. Louis has a bit of a supernatural infestation these days. Someone should probably be keeping an eye on these things—and probably an eye on me, too. Before I blow up another building…or three.


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