Singapore is a good house in a bad neighborhood. There are Islamic terrorists operating all around them.
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"If there's a living writer whose work makes me think of the great Raymond Chandler, it's Jake Needham.”

-James David Audlin, author of THE TRAIN

Singapore is a good house in a bad neighborhood.

Three hundred million Muslims live in Indonesia and Malaysia completely surrounding the barely five million people living in the secular city-state. Islamic terrorism in Asia may not get much attention in America or Europe, but it gets plenty in Singapore.

They've been hit once already. Not long ago, coordinated truck bombs laid waste to three American hotels in Singapore. Thousands were killed and injured. And everyone knows it's just a matter of time before Singapore gets hit again.

Abu Suparman is the messianic leader of a radical group of Indonesian Muslims fighting for ISIS in Southeast Asia. Most people think Suparman was personally responsible for the Singapore hotel bombings. When Singapore receives a tip that Suparman is slipping into the country to meet a sister having cancer surgery, Inspector Samuel Tay gets the job of finding him before something nasty happens.

It seems at first to be a straightforward assignment. Tay is given two officers to work with him: his own sergeant, Robbie Kang, and Sergeant Linda Lee, a capable officer with whom Tay once had a disastrous and blessedly brief personal relationship. All they have to do is keep the sister under surveillance until she leads them to Suparman, right?

But things go bad. Really bad.

The surveillance turns into a shambles, people die, and Suparman vanishes. Tay's only clue to what really happened that rainy night on Serangoon Road is a girl he briefly glimpsed watching it all from a window in the building next door.

Tay's quest for the girl in the window takes him on a terrifying journey into a no man's land where there are secrets so big governments will kill to protect them. With the help of John August, a shadowy American who has murky connections with international intelligence agencies, Tay battles governments determined to bury the truth and unmasks politicians who are using their power and position to hide their own crimes.

Tay is going to get a little justice for Singapore.

If he can just stay alive long enough to do it.

"Needham deftly morphs 1930s American Sam Spade into Samuel Tay, a world-weary 21st century Singapore homicide detective. He writes so you can smell the spicy street food, the traffic jams, the sweat, and the garbage.” -- Libris Reviews

THE GIRL IN THE WINDOW, from Amazon #1 crime novelist Jake Needham.

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Release date: August 2, 2016

Publisher: Half Penny Ltd

Print pages: 356

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