A military coup has just swept over Thailand and the army has arrested Thailand’s first female prime minister.
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“Jake Needham is a classic master of crime, intrigue, and edgy thrillers.”
-- James Grady, New York Times best-selling author of SIX DAYS OF THE CONDOR

“Thrillers written with a wry sense of irony in the mean-streets, fast-car, tough-talk tradition of Elmore Leonard.” -- Singapore Today

Jack Shepherd is the kind of lawyer people call a troubleshooter. At least that's what they call him when they're being polite. Shepherd is the guy people go to when they have a problem too ugly to tell anyone else about. He locates the trouble, and then he shoots it. Neat, huh? If life were only that simple.

A little money is missing from the Malaysian Development Fund, a sovereign wealth fund run by the Malaysian government. How little? Oh, a billion dollars or so, give or take. Shepherd is tiptoeing around Hong Kong's financial back alleys looking for Malaysia's missing money when an old friend from Bangkok dumps a much bigger problem in his lap.

A military coup has just swept over Thailand and the Thai army is holding Thailand's first female prime minister under house arrest. Her popularity is a major threat to army rule and that's why things are about to get messy. The army is going to hold a show trial, convict her of corruption, and send her to prison. Then, when she's behind bars, they're going to kill her. The only way to save her life is to get her out of Thailand before the trial starts, but her friends need some heavy-duty help to pull that off.

Shepherd once lived in Thailand. There was a time when he loved the place, then things went sour and he's sworn he'll never go back. But the former prime minister whose life is in danger is a woman with whom Shepherd once had a relationship – well, sort of – and Shepherd is loyal to his friends. He's also a sucker for a smart, good-looking woman, but of course that has nothing at all to do with it. Whatever the real reason, Shepherd can feel it happening. Thailand is reeling him right back in no matter how hard he struggles to stay away.

Okay, he decides, how hard can it be? Sneak into Thailand, track down Malaysia's missing money, grab his old friend right out from under the nose of the entire Thai army, and keep her hidden and alive long enough to get them both out of Thailand.

A piece of cake for the troubleshooter, huh?

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Release date: September 26, 2017

Publisher: Half Penny Ltd

Print pages: 384

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