Jack Shepherd has traded the savage politics of Washington for the lethargic backwater of Bangkok. Or has he?
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“Part of the fun in reading LAUNDRY MAN is trying to guess how much of the story is based on fact. Mr. Needham seems to know rather more than one ought about these things.” -The Wall Street Journal

Jack Shepherd is a lawyer, but he doesn't much like to admit it.

He was once a Washington high-flyer, a member of the innermost circles of American political power, and a man acclaimed as the best there was at tracking international money launderers. Now he's abandoned the savage politics of Washington for the lethargic backwater of Bangkok, where he is just an unremarkable professor at an unimportant university in an insignificant city.

Or maybe not.

A secretive Asian bank collapses under dubious circumstances and a former law partner Shepherd thought was dead surfaces as the force behind the disgraced bank.

Coerced into helping his former law partner track the hundreds of millions of dollars that disappeared in the bank's collapse, Shepherd follows a twisting trail of treachery from Hong Kong to Bangkok and eventually to an isolated villa on the fabled island of Phuket where he uncovers a labyrinth of international betrayal.

A lawyer among people who laugh at the law, a friend in a land where today's allies are tomorrow's fugitives, Jack Shepherd must stand alone against the global tide of corruption, extortion, and murder that is threatening to drag him back into a world he has been struggling to put behind him forever.

“Jack Shepherd is a first-person narrator who is cool, funny, and good company.” - International Noir Fiction

From Jake Needham, an Amazon #1 best-selling crime novelist, read LAUNDRY MAN now!

Release date: January 16, 2014

Publisher: Half Penny Ltd

Print pages: 380

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