The Ex (An Annabelle Schwartzman Story)

The Ex (An Annabelle Schwartzman Story)

Book 0: Dr. Schwartzman
Danielle Girard Founding author
Everything suggests the woman's death was a suicide... except Schwartzman's own instincts.
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Seven years after making her escape from an abusive marriage, Dr. Annabelle Schwartzman is settling into her position as medical examiner in the city of San Francisco. Doing what she loves, she can almost put the trauma of her past behind her. Until she confronts the case of a young woman, sixteen weeks pregnant.

Everything about the case says the woman took her own life. As hard as Schwartzman tries to make peace with the evidence in her head, something about the case won’t leave her alone. She’s all too aware of how similar the circumstances are to her own past. After all, she, too, was once sixteen weeks pregnant…

Going beyond her role in the morgue, Schwartzman digs into the boyfriend’s past, determined to find the truth behind the woman’s death, a fate she knows could easily have been her own.

Release date: May 31, 2022

Publisher: Saddle Peak Entertainment

Print pages: 62

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