Dark Passage

Dark Passage

Book 3: The Rookie Club
Danielle Girard Founding author
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Cameron Cruz is a trained special ops sniper for the SFPD, dedicated to the pursuit of justice.

Until the man she loves is framed for murder and the rules of justice are turn upside down.

Now, she must trust her heart above her head to save them all.


Special Ops Agent Cameron Cruz is joining her team to shut down a massive human trafficking operation, working out of San Francisco Bay.

Coming back to work after the birth of her son, she is ready. She is strong.

Until she witnesses a colleague shot and killed before her eyes. The death is shocking, but the reality is much, much worse.

The shooter is someone she trusted. Someone she loved. Someone she thought was killed during an undercover assignment—her son’s father, Diego.

Despite what she's seen, Cameron's love for Diego is as alive as he is. But someone is working hard to frame him. Before she will accept his innocence, she has to help him prove it.

Even as she works to clear his name, the evidence against Diego mounts—evidence that he’s guilty of kidnapping and imprisoning the very people he’s sworn to protect and serve, that he’s guilty of betraying their teammates, and the entire police department. Guilty of betraying her.  

At the same time, Cameron is fighting to break a sex trafficking ring in her own city. The closer she comes to identifying the traffickers, the closer her investigation brings her to the police department’s front door. 

Suddenly, she must question who she can trust. And who is willing to risk it all to send her—and the truth—to the grave. 

Release date: March 25, 2015

Publisher: Saddle Peak Entertainment

Print pages: 400

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