The Cloak's Shadow

The Cloak's Shadow

When a medium hooks up with a spirit blocking cynic, flying sparks are the least of their worries.
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Callum needs a break from the spirits hounding him for closure. When he meets Zander it's instant attraction—and instant silence. She doesn't know she's a Cloak, blocking out the racket of the spirit world, including the malevolent Shadow that's been stalking him, and he sees no reason to tell her. At least until he can figure out if they're a fling or something more.

Zander wants two things: to kick ass at the new job she moved halfway across the country for, and for her family to stop trying to convince her of spooky happenings back home—they can't honestly expect her to believe ghosts are real. Oh, and a date with the hot guy she met last Friday would be pretty sweet, too.

When Callum's new-found peace-and-quiet around Zander leads the Shadow to a new target--Zander's younger sister--Callum must risk his budding relationship with Zander, and the freedom her presence in his life provides, to tell her the truth: he's a Medium, and she's a Cloak who can close the spiritual veil. All he can do is hope the traits he's quickly fallen in love with--her drive and no-B.S. attitude--won't keep her from seeing she's the only one who can stop the Shadow from possessing its living victims... like her sister... 

And like him.

Release date: October 6, 2020

Publisher: Done Playing Press

Print pages: 337

Content advisory: Contains brief depictions of abuse, mental illness, and brief discussion of spousal abuse and divorce

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