Sleeping next to vampires wasn’t on my five-year plan.

Then again, neither was going on the run. I was doing fine on my own until government agents started tailing me through Seattle. Then a vampire—sorry, civilized immortal—named Topher up and rescued me. Now I’m staying with the immortals running “daylight errands” while Drake is on his way. Topher said he’d keep me safe until then, but even with nowhere else to go, I’m not sure I can trust an immortal’s promise.

But right now I don’t have a choice because I think something might really be wrong with me. I can’t sleep, or eat. And I keep waking up in two places at once—like I can see my room in the vampires’ house through one eye, and somewhere I don’t recognize with the other. 

I only know one thing. Drake cannot get here fast enough. 

Release date: May 15, 2012

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