Social Climbing and Other Poems

Social Climbing and Other Poems

Comment on contemporary life via poems and pictures.
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'I would recommend this collection of poems to anyone looking for something new, exciting and different and had no hesitation in awarding it five stars.'
Stephenson Holt
Amazon and Goodreads author


I had no plans, after publishing Poet-Pourri, to write any more poems; at least not in the near future. But while I was in the prepare-to-publish stage of that book, I made the acquaintance of photographer Clive Thompson and his large archive of photographs, put together over quite a lot of years. Scanning through these on the internet I found the picture of a discarded Father Christmas chocolate-bearing Advent calendar, which immediately said ‘poem material’ to me. I wrote the poem and presented it to Clive, who loved it; and there was born the idea of a collaboration, my poetry written to the prompts of some of his photographs.
The photographs I have used for the pandemic-themed poems were taken quite some time before that ominous word had become a part of all our daily lives, but they seemed to fit the subject and I therefore took the liberty of utilizing them in that way.
The results of my poems joined to Clive’s photographs I present here, as Social Climbing and other poems. It may not be the catchiest of titles but it works for me, and for Clive, and for you also, I hope. Enjoy.

Release date: September 26, 2021

Publisher: Independent

Print pages: 88

Content advisory: Some mild adult references

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