The poems and prose are a mixture of humorous and serious, touching upon social issues.
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"All the poems in this volume were up to Lyndhurst's usual standard and I will certainly be looking out for a fourth volume. Five stars, six if she promises a further volume."
Stephenson Holt
Amazon/Goodreads Author


I wasn’t sure if I would continue to write poetry after I’d published October Poems and Thanksgiving Poems and Prose Pieces in quick succession. Writing my psychological suspense thriller You Know What You Did took over, the idea having come to me while I was writing the poems and needing attention therefore when I’d finished publishing the poetry. When that was also sent on its way into the public domain I had to get back to my Criminal Conversation trilogy, finishing and publishing Degenerate, Regenerate in January 2021 and moving on immediately to All That We Are Heir To in the face of wishes expressed by readers of the first two books to know what happened next.
I’d been writing a few poems in the background whilst writing those books, as well as beginning a couple of new psychological thrillers, but poem ideas were coming to me all the time, helped in no small measure by some prompts supplied once again by Nancy Bonnington for both poetry and prose. I therefore felt it expedient to finish and publish this new set of poems, interspersed with some pieces of prose, and Poet-Pourri is the result. Whilst finishing it I had the good fortune to encounter and form a friendship with the author Stephenson Holt, who read and enjoyed my books, including the poetry; he therefore became the natural choice to beta read Poet-Pourri, and I once again acknowledge his kind assistance and advice.
The poems and prose are, as usual, a mixture of humorous and serious, touching upon social issues on both the darker and the lighter side of life. There’s little else to say, except thank you for reading and I hope that you will enjoy them.

Release date: August 15, 2021

Publisher: Independent

Print pages: 120

Content advisory: Some sexual references

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