Serve & Protect

Serve & Protect

Book 3: Mac Davis
Someone is turning middle-class white guys into gun hoarders for when SHTF. He want Mac to join up. Or die.
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Seattle Police Lieutenant Rodriguez is worried about a growing number of domestic violence calls where the accused is a gun hoarder. Worried enough that he gives Mac Davis a call one morning at 2 a.m. to the house where a man just shot his wife and two children.
Mac Davis, a local cop reporter and former Marine who might qualify as a gun hoarder himself, doesn't like 2 a.m. calls to crime scenes. He especially doesn't like it when he watches them haul out body bags that are obviously children.
It isn't the first case.
It won't be the last.
Someone is building a network of white-collar weekend warriors. Someone wants a bunch of angry white men with large arsenals.
He's called Sensei. And he wants Mac to join up. If not? Well, then he has other plans for him. Plans Mac won't like.
The third book in the Mac Davis thrillers set in a Seattle newsroom.

Release date: June 7, 2021

Print pages: 320

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