Rumors and Lies at Evermore High Boxset: Books 1 to 3

Rumors and Lies at Evermore High Boxset: Books 1 to 3

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3 Rumors & Lies Romances in 1 Boxset - Grab 3 books for the price of 2!

Find your new book boyfriend in these sassy, swoonworthy, sweet love stories. This boxset features a fake boyfriend romance, a good girl bad boy romance and a brother's best friend romance. 

Start reading today to fall in love! 

Book 1: Chase Jones is My Fake Boyfriend

The All-Star Quarterback. A Fake Relationship. A Sweet and Unexpected Love.

After hearing Chase has a mystery on his hands, Abby cuts a deal: she'll pretend to be his girlfriend and figure out who is sabotaging his relationships. In exchange, he takes her to the best parties, the hottest secret spots, and the infamous Christmas Crush.

But as Abby spends more time with Chase, she starts wondering – if this relationship is supposed to be fake, why does it feel so real?

Book 2:  Trey Carter is My Rebel Boyfriend

He's the unobtainable rockstar. She's the perfect cheerleader. They never should have fallen for each other. But when sparks fly, can the bad boy and good girl make it work?

When Hailey and Trey are thrown together to do a high school English project, Hailey can't help but be drawn to the mysterious musician's rough charms. And Trey? He suspects there's more to the bubbly cheerleader than meets the eye. However, they both come from different worlds.

Can the Golden Girl and the Bad Boy make it work, or will their differences tear them apart?

Book 3: Dylan Ramirez is My Forbidden Boyfriend

He's her brother's best friend. Which makes her the only girl entirely off limits to him. Until a summer of forbidden love threatens to change everything...

When Dylan hires Jordyn to work at his family's restaurant for the summer, it seems like a simple way to solve their problems. But while working together, these lifelong friends fall for each other. Hard.

After a midnight kiss leads to a secret relationship, Jordyn gives Dylan one condition: the relationship ends when summer does. They can never be together in the real world. 

But as their feelings grow deeper than they could have ever imagined, they wonder: was this really just a summer fling?

Set in the world of Evermore High, each of these sweet romances features a strong, aspirational couple, incredible chemistry, perfect dates, seriously hot kisses & a tear-inducing happily ever after. 


Release date: September 2, 2020

Publisher: Eleventh Avenue Publishing

Print pages: 656

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