Chase Jones is My Fake Boyfriend: A Sweet YA Romance

Chase Jones is My Fake Boyfriend: A Sweet YA Romance

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The All-Star Quarterback. A Fake Relationship. A Sweet and Unexpected Love.

Abby Murrow is an introverted investigative journalist for a school paper that no one reads. When Abby's long-time crush, the school paper's editor, assigns her to write about the social life of Evermore High, she's forced to get a real taste of high school. But how do you write about a social life you've never had?

Chase Jones is the all-star quarterback at Evermore High. He's a total catch – friendly, handsome, and popular. So why do all of his relationships end exactly three weeks after being featured on the school's gossip app?

After hearing Chase has a mystery on his hands, Abby cuts a deal: she'll pretend to be his girlfriend and figure out who is sabotaging his relationships. In exchange, he takes her to the best parties, the hottest secret spots, and the infamous Christmas Crush.

But as Abby spends more time with Chase, she starts wondering – if this relationship is supposed to be fake, why does it feel so real?

Chase Jones is My Fake Boyfriend is the first book in the Rumors and Lies YA sweet romance series. If you like adorable dates, emotionally-charged relationships, and fun characters, you'll love Emily Lowry's sweet romances.

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Release date: June 17, 2020

Publisher: Eleventh Avenue Publishing

Print pages: 224

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