Kai Taylor is My Enemy Boyfriend: A Sweet YA Romance

Kai Taylor is My Enemy Boyfriend: A Sweet YA Romance

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He's the gorgeous, superstar athlete. She's the nerdy gamer. They're sworn enemies... but hate is starting to feel a lot like something else...

Mackayla Lafelle is Evermore High's outcast – and she likes it that way. She'd rather play video games than have a social life. But, when she's mysteriously nominated for Prom Queen, she's forced to step into the spotlight. Someone's playing a cruel trick on her. But she's going to turn the tables – she's going to win the crown, and prove the bullies wrong. 

Kai Taylor is a basketball all star, and this year, he's going to lead Evermore High's team to a state championship. At least, that's the plan until he fails his Video Game Production class and gets suspended from the team. He needs to get his grades up – fast.

Desperate to get back on the team, Kai proposes a deal – if Mackayla helps him pass Video Game Production, he'll use his popularity to help her win Prom Queen.

Mackayla is reluctant. Kai might be her hot neighbor, but he's the furthest thing from a friend. However, as she spends time with him, she starts to see another, unexpected side of him. Mac finds herself falling head-over-heels for Kai...

Until a very public betrayal makes her question everything.

Kai Taylor is My Enemy Boyfriend is the fifth and final book in the Rumors and Lies YA sweet romance series. Grab your copy today to find out how this series ends, including what happens to Click, and where all of your Rumors and Lies favorites are headed after graduation!

Release date: March 29, 2021

Publisher: Eleventh Avenue Publishing

Print pages: 202

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