Robber Bride

Robber Bride

Book 3: The de Burghs
He’s the fiercest of the de Burgh family of knights. What woman would dare challenge him?
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“The latest de Burgh brother’s downfall is totally captivating. Simmons’ powerful characters do magical things with this excellent plot.”
Laurel Gainer
Affaire de Coeur
"A delight to read... Robber Bride has an interesting plot, lots of tension between Simon and Bethia, and a few interesting secondary characters, including Simon’s brothers and the steward of Baddersly Castle. The hero is unique and the heroine wonderfully capable."
Rebecca Ekmark
All About Romance
“The de Burgh series just keeps getting better and better with its gripping tales of love, power, passion, and adventure.”


The battle has been joined...

Hardened warrior Simon de Burgh has no use for women and their wiles until he's waylaid by one. Now he plans to best the wench who dared capture him—and his heart.

Bethia Burnel leads a band of outlaws, striking from the fastness of the forest at the tyrant who holds her father prisoner. Although she knows how to deal with those who trespass in her woods, this arrogant knight threatens her very existence—and her heart.

But all's fair in love and war.

Release date: July 25, 2020

Publisher: Bennett Street Books

Print pages: 237

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