Riya's Foundling

Riya's Foundling

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But this is Phildee's story, and Phildee is a boy. Or that's what he'd call himself if you asked him. He's out and about, and playing games that come from his imagination. The loft of the feed-house, with its stacked grainsacks, is a B-72, a fort, a foxhole -- any number of things, depending on Phildee's mood. Today it was a jumping-off place. Phildee slipped out of his dormitory and ran across the yard to the feed-house. Then, abruptly, the Reimann fold became a concrete visualization. And Phildee twisted. He twisted into Riya's world -- Riya is that creature we were discussing up above. And spring has come to Riya's world. . . .

Release date: May 1, 2011

Publisher: Start Publishing LLC

Print pages: 15

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