River Witch

River Witch

Hester has her own ambitions. But what does the river goddess want of her? Or from her?

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‘You and I are not ordinary folk, little mistress. We are wise. We call the river by her goddess name, Sabrina.

Hester, a farmer’s daughter, yearns for more than feeding lambs by the kitchen fire. She envies the freedom of the river nymphs and listens to Sabrina’s whispers: Be wise, be strong. When Hester meets Aaron, a man powerful in herbal lore, she decides the healing wisdom of fields and forest is what Sabrina seeks of her. But her mother scorns her ambitions as witchery and decrees her daughter will have a husband to settle her down. Hester flees to Aaron, only to discover he too insists she should marry and be ‘ordinary’ folk. While a desperate Hester battles for her dream, Aaron must reconcile his past to accept the future. Will the river help, or hinder?

‘This book definitely took me by surprise because it sucked me right in. It is so wonderfully written.’ Goodreads review  

‘I lost all sense of time and place, and ended up reading it all in one sitting’ Goodreads review  

Release date: September 9, 2022

Publisher: Holborn House Ltd

Print pages: 341

Content advisory: Mild sexual and domestic violence references

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Behind the book

River Witch is inspired by the true story of a woman skilled in healing, a ‘wise woman’, accused of witchcraft in the early 20th century in the Forest of Dean, UK, where Cheryl Burman lives. It’s right by the river Severn, known to the Romans as Sabrina, goddess. There’s a sacred well in the woods there too. Who could pass up all that as the seeds for a witchy tale?

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