Music for the Duke

Music for the Duke

Will the duke learn to let go of the ton’s rigid, unwritten rules and choose to follow his heart?
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A rule-following viscount who becomes a sudden duke . . .

A young woman who loses her parents and turns to music for solace . . .

Two people who want very different things from life . . .

Lord Henry Vaughn witnesses the deaths of his father and grandfather and becomes the new Duke of Linberry. A decent, kind, and responsible man, Henry knows after this double tragedy that it is important he take a wife and provide a ducal heir since death can come calling unexpectedly.

Lady Sophia Sawyer loses both her parents closely together and mourns them the requisite year. When her cousin, the new Lord Parkhurst, calls her to London, she believes it is so she might make her delayed come-out. Instead, Fia is banished to live in the attic like a servant, while Parkhurst schedules her to give music lessons to children of the 
ton, keeping the fees for himself.

The couple meets through mutual friends and the duke is drawn to the quiet, golden-haired beauty. When Fia shares she wants to play and compose her own music, however, Henry is torn, worried what Polite Society would think of a duchess who is anything but conventional.

Will the duke learn to bend—and even let go of the ton’s rigid, unwritten rules—and instead choose to follow his heart?

Each book in the 
Suddenly a Duke series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order and can be read for free with Kindle Unlimited.

Suddenly a Duke
Book 1 – Portrait of the Duke
Book 2 – Music for the Duke
Book 3 – Polishing the Duke
Book 4 – Designs on the Duke
Book 5 – Fashioning the Duke
Book 6 – Love Blooms with the Duke
Book 7 – Training the Duke
Book 8 – Investigating the Duke

Release date: March 17, 2023

Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing

Print pages: 267

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Behind the book

I wanted my Suddenly a Duke series to spotlight unusual women. In Music for the Duke, Fia gi ves music lessons to children, bur she longs to play her instruments at the events held by Polite Society and compose music. 

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