The Taliban embarks on increasingly bold raids as it struggles to maintain its Afghanistan territory and demonstrate its ability to repel invading forces. When two American A10 Hogs and a British Apache helicopter are shot down during a skirmish and the pilots captured, the Taliban's ruthless Red Group publicly celebrates the triumph and begins making demands.

The British and American military respond with forceful intent, with the British particularly anxious to re-acquire their pilots ... alive. They trust the rescue mission to a squad of top British SAS soldiers, while the Americans send in the deadly US Night Stalkers to recover the captives.

It's an impressive strikeforce, but will it be enough?

MODEEN: STRIKEFORCE is the 9th book in the high-action Jo Modeen series. The stories in this series can stand alone but are best enjoyed when read in sequence.

Release date: December 24, 2020

Publisher: A Hope

Print pages: 212

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