Making Over Maggie

Making Over Maggie

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In book three of the bestselling Women of Surprise series, narrator Kimberly Austin brings Tracey J Lyons’ Making Over Maggie to life! Maggie Monroe, the third of the Monroe cousins, has always been headstrong, and straightlaced. When aunt Margaret hires a flamboyant drifter named Samuel Clay to be Maggie’s second hand in the opening of the new Surprise dance hall, Maggie finds her peaceful, staid existence turned upside-down.

The dance hall was her project, and the reason she stayed in the small upstate New York town of Surprise to begin with. For the months that Maggie had been in town visiting her aunt and two cousins she has seen what could happen when their aunt offers her guidance. Maggie doesn’t want or need a man, or romance in her life. She is an independent businesswoman and entirely too busy for such nonsense.

Samuel Clay takes one look at the town of Surprise and knows this is a place where he can finally leave his past behind him. But after meeting Maggie Monroe he realizes he’s in for a bit of trouble. She disagrees with every decision he makes regarding the dance hall, but he plows ahead trying to do the job for which he has been hired. At every turn Maggie defies him. And when she is not subverting his business decisions, she’s hounding him about his family. Family connections hold a lot of meaning for Maggie. For Samuel, family is best forgotten, until the day they show up in Surprise.

Though she is unwilling to admit it, Maggie realizes that she needs Samuel’s help. And along the way she develops feelings for him. Samuel decided to pour on the charm to get his way, but little does he know that by charming Maggie, she has actually made him realize that he needs her for more than just making the dance hall a success. 

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