Knee-High to a Thief

Knee-High to a Thief

Amy Boyles Founding author
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The town of Magnolia Cove has lost its magic. It's up to Pepper Reign to reclaim it. When Blake Calhoun sets out to steal the heart fire, the object that makes the town of Magnolia Cove, Alabama, magical, his plan backfires. The heart isn't stolen, instead, it breaks into four pieces and scatters across the state. Now, newly married Pepper and Axel Reign must work to track down each piece. Lucky for them, when a person finds a piece, they are bestowed with strange abilities. This is the final book in the Lost Southern Magic series. In this exciting conclusion, all of Pepper's friends will join her in Magnolia Cove and Pepper will face off against Blake. Can she save her town or will he wind up with all four pieces of the heart fire? Can't wait to dig in? Find out what happens now!

Release date: May 10, 2020


Print pages: 199

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