It's Like Having Sex With God

It's Like Having Sex With God

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Daniel Kahn, a kidnapped, sexy Secret Service agent awakens to find himself miraculously pregnant, hungry, and having to pee; again. A spiritually climactic visit from a shape shifting, trumpeting Angel quakes the blissful retirement of Sam Elliot, former director of Miami's Foster Care system, leading him on a hilarious quest to find Daniel.

When Daniel's ex-girlfriend, the voluptuous Dr. Cindy Vinson, designs a cure for her philanthropist Mother's illness, family secrets of epic consequences are revealed.

The Angel leaves almost everyone in her path strong of spirit, and weak in the knees, guiding Daniel, Sam, and their comical crew on a spiritually spicy romp from Miami Beach to the Everglades. Can they contain their ecstasy and banter long enough to save the World from a group of gorgeous, brilliant superhumans? Well, can they?

Release date: December 25, 2020

Publisher: Indie

Print pages: 322

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Behind the book

This book is above all things a Supernatural comedy and is in no way intended as blasphemy. Neither is this explanation offered as an apology. This book is an attempt at silly, schmaltzy humor. It’s got a bit of everything that can make one laugh, feel, and leave this realm for a journey of imagination. The book is about people, funny people, people who think they are funny, and sometimes are, pastrami, love, unrequited love, Sci-Fi, Angels, secret agents, Miami, the Everglades, drug trials, sex, and Reindeers (not sex with Reindeers, so don’t get ahead of yourselves). It is meant to poke fun of what we often take too seriously to thoroughly enjoy; our connection with a higher power. People who regularly pray, or meditate, at times may come to know their higher power in a unique, intimate way. Some people seeking communion with their highest self, are lucky enough to see vibrant colors, shapes, Angels, the face or even hear the voice of God. Some experience peace and bliss. The title and premise for this book arose over the course of some very powerful meditation/prayer sessions, and talking those through with my muse, guru, and partner in life, Amy Raymond. Amy is the beat in my heart, and the breath in my lungs, and this book is dedicated to her. The characters in this book are the imaginary voices I hear in my head and are not intended to represent any person or institution, because when one is writing, its o.k. to say you hear voices. I say this as someone who was trained as a psychotherapist. Fleshing out the true feelings of connecting with the highest power in the Universe, and living out the lifelong dream of being a comedy writer on a 60’s sitcom, resulted in what is spewed upon these pages. The book is meant to take the reader on a ridiculous journey into the mindful abyss of a retired OCD person, who considers himself to be both fun and funny, while stuck in the house during a global pandemic, with an active medical marijuana card. Can I get an Amen??!!

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