Innocent Mistakes

Innocent Mistakes

Melissa F. Miller Founding author
Little kids, little problems. Big kids ... federal felony charges?
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Little kids, little problems. Big kids ... federal felony charges?

Attorney Sasha McCandless-Connelly has her hands full with her six-year-old twins, but she adores her pack of nieces and nephews. So when sixteen-year-old Colin calls and tearfully announces he's been arrested, she flies into action to protect him.

Colin’s accused of using the Internet to make threatening statements, a federal felony. Social media posts by Colin threaten his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend with violence—and worse. Colin swears he didn’t make the posts, and Sasha believes him. Then the private messages turn up.

As she shines a light on the high school’s dark underbelly, the teenagers close rank, and the whispered secrets multiply. But she’s confident she can clear Colin’s name. Then someone actually tries to make good on the threat to kill the other boy. Colin’s taken into custody on an attempted murder charge, and the prosecutor vows to try him as an adult.

Someone’s trying to frame him. But who? And why? Sasha navigates a web of lies and ever-shifting alliances as she scrambles to save a kid whose diapers she once changed ... even as she realizes she doesn’t know him nearly as well as she thought she did.

Innocent Mistakes is the fourteenth full-length novel in the USA Today bestselling Sasha McCandless series.

Release date: August 24, 2021

Publisher: Brown Street Books

Print pages: 300

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Behind the book

Innocent Mistakes grew out of the pandemic lockdowns and the fact that my kids were suddenly online a lot. Their learning, socializing, and extracurricular activities all moved to the Internet. Zooming became our new normal. I’m so grateful that they were able to stay connected to some friends, make some new friends, and even reconnect with some old friends who are scattered around the globe. In many ways, this online world has been a lifesaver. But, of course, it also has a darker side. And it’s this darker side that Sasha explores in Innocent Mistakes.

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