In Your Arms

In Your Arms

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A single text message turned my world upside down. I knew things had been strained between my husband and I. The day to day struggles of life can do that. But it didn't hit me how far we had fallen until I saw that message appear on his phone as he prepared for a so-called business trip. Now, doubts, fears, and uncertainties of the past have resurfaced as the life we spent ten years building together threatens to be ripped away.


I tried to push off this trip until after our anniversary. I knew Hope and I were on rocky ground. Still, I didn't expect my wife to accuse me of having an affair as soon as the wheels of the plane touched the ground. Business can wait. I'm headed home to save my crumbling family. I almost lost her once, a decade ago, and I will do whatever it takes to ensure that never happen again.

From USA Today Best Selling Author, S.L. Sterling comes this insightful artistry of the hopes and trappings of a real-life love story.

Release date: February 22, 2019

Print pages: 203

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