His to Hold

His to Hold

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Getting dumped right beforehand was not how I planned to spend my vacation. Neither was running into my brother's best friend at the airport during a massive storm. It's been twenty years since we laid eyes on each, yet the chemistry that crackles between us trumps that of the blowing snow outside. One weekend tangled in the sheets with him reminds me of the pleasures to be found when I allow myself to live in the moment. Yet I can't help but wonder; I have been his to hold, but could I be his to keep?


Fresh out of a bad relationship, and in the middle of a huge merger, is not the ideal time to be jetting off for two weeks. One week in, I decide to cut my trip short and end up stranded at the airport during the worst snowstorm of the year. That's when I saw her. Mia, all grown up and intoxicatingly beautiful. One thing leads to another, and we find ourselves riding out the storm in the most enticing way. Feelings twenty years delayed are finally able to take flight. The girl who held my attention all those years ago now holds my heart. But when we are forced to go head to head in the boardroom, will our second-chance romance be over before it begins?

Fans of steamy office romance, with a friends-to-lovers twist, will be gripping the copy machine and swooning over His to Hold by USA Today Best Selling Author, S.L. Sterling.

Release date: September 23, 2019

Print pages: 188

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