Hazard of the Hills

Hazard of the Hills

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Release date: April 15, 2022

Publisher: pd workman

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Behind the book

Author’s notes may contain spoilers!

I remember going to Edworthy Park several times during Elementary School, and my husband remembers going there in Cub Scouts. It has been a Calgary landmark since around 1962. I remember roasting wieners there, and it is close to Leavitt’s Ice Cream (Lics), another favourite Calgary landmark! Although Lics isn’t featured in the book, maybe it should have been. Margie’s penchant for ice cream has led to the inclusion of both Mackay’s Ice Cream in Cochrane and Peters’ Drive-in in the series. 

I can remember going with my family and trying to skip rocks on the river, and going with my husband while we were dating and watching children skip rocks on the river. Our son, when we took him there, wanted to go into the river rather than just throwing rocks in. He was always adventurous around water!

I went back to Edworthy Park to enjoy the nostalgia and to look for possible murder sites for Hazard of the Hills. One thing that I found was a delightful warning sign that listed all kinds of potentially fatal hazards in Edworthy Park, particularly on the Douglas Fir Trail. 

All of these hazards were overridden when I saw the downhill bikers at the top of a very steep hill, considering the downhill slope (if something that is almost straight down could be called a slope!) I couldn’t stay and watch any of them going down, I didn’t want to see anyone crash on the way down or when they reached the bottom, but I did snap a photo. Luckily, none of them were brave enough to go down while I was there. You can find a few videos on Youtube of downhill bikers braving the pathways in Edworthy Park, but I didn’t find any of them going down that particular hill/cliff.

The drone I saw being flown in the park that day also inspired several scenes in Hazard of the Hills. 

While Margie is visiting Edworthy Park, her daughter Christine is off with friends to the Calgary Stampede, where she visits the Elbow River Camp, among other exhibits.

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