Ghostly Hopes: A Harper Harlow Mystery Books 4-6

Ghostly Hopes: A Harper Harlow Mystery Books 4-6

Lily Harper Hart Founding author
Genres: GhostThrillers
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Harper Harlow has it all, including an exciting job, a best friend who serves as a constant source of amusement and a boyfriend who makes her heart pinch … but in a good way.
She may hunt ghosts for a living (and help them pass over to the other side) but she often finds it more fun than frightening. Human beings and their penchant for murder and mischief is another story, of course.
That doesn’t mean Harper doesn’t find the occasional bout of trouble. That’s what she’s known for, of course, even though her boyfriend Jared Monroe tries to dissuade her from it whenever possible.
Join Harper and her merry bunch of friends in this three-book omnibus that includes Ghostly Worries, Ghostly Images, and Ghostly Wrecks.
Have a ghost of a good time.

Release date: May 2, 2017

Publisher: HarperHart Publications

Print pages: 659

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