Flying Blind: A cropduster's story

Flying Blind: A cropduster's story

A cropduster should never teach a priest to fly.
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"To Tony, flying is like making love to a beautiful woman. He knows—he does a lot of both. The flying sequences make me ache to get back into the air."
Marjorie Johnson
private pilot and author of Bird Watcher
"Flying Blind is more than just a cropduster's story. Love him or hate him, Tony takes us on an emotionally fraught journey as we see him transform from a self-destructive playboy to a compassionate hero--all against the fascinating backdrop of the aviation world. He flies in his sleep, ducks when he flies under wires, and lifts his feet when he buzzes fences. The aviation details are as delightful as the story behind Tony's compelling adventures."
Julie Jervis
author of The World Beneath Their Wings
"In Flying Blind, author Luanne Oleas puts readers in the cockpit as Tony Damascus maneuvers through the air in the dangerous world of cropdusting, and as he navigates terrestrial hazards from his love of flying to a bevy of women, to guns, to the darkest side of small-town life and the people in it."
Nicholas A. Veronico
author of Hidden Warbirds


A cropduster shouldn't teach a priest to fly. At least not Tony. He shouldn't be having an affair with his boss' wife either.
Tony flees Texas at the point of a shotgun and finds himself unemployed. As a flight instructor, he demonstrates flying spray runs to his worst student, Father Roberto. Imagine the Great Waldo Pepper teaching Mother Theresa to fly in Steinbeck's Salinas Valley in 1972.

An ace in the air, but a mess on the ground, Tony needs to tame his inner demons. Can he stay alive long enough to do that? Is flying fast and low really like making love to a beautiful woman?

Release date: November 17, 2019

Publisher: Sand Hill Review Press

Print pages: 345

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