Release date: August 19, 2022

Publisher: pd workman

Print pages: 324

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Failure to Thrive is an interesting diagnosis, and one that often lands families in hot water with social services. Historically, a child who does not grow and develop at the same rate as other children his age is suspected to be the victim of abuse and neglect. Yet there can be many other reasons for a child to be smaller than other children his age, from being premature or from a family of late bloomers to allergies and metabolic diseases. FTT can be caused by disease (organic) or inadequate intake (nonorganic), which again has a number of possible causes. Most cases of FTT are a mixture of both.

There are many problems with using growth charts as the sole determination of whether a child has faltering growth or failure to thrive.

There are many cases of social services being accused to taking children away from their families when the parents have been asking for medical help or testing of a child who is not growing as expected. As with a number of other diseases and conditions, you risk your child being apprehended when you go to your doctor to ask for help.

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