Time to Burn

Time to Burn

Kathryn Le Veque Founding author
The home is one of the first built in Salem and has a dark history linked to the Salem Witch Trials.
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Hot American heroes, the strong women who tame them, a touch of paranormal suspense... Kat Le Veque at her finest.

When Dr. Alix Hendry buys a creepy old house involved in the Salem Witch Trials, little does she know the chain of events she will set off that will threaten her very life... as well as meet the love of her life!

When Dr. Alix Hendry purchases an old historic home in need of renovation, she had no idea how much her life is going to change. A divorced mother of two, she moves her teenage son and young daughter into a home known in the area as “Evenshade”. The home is one of the first built in Salem and has a dark history linked to the Salem Witch Trials, something that fascinated Alix. But that fascination soon grows to terror. Enter Cord Trevor. A descendant of one of the passengers on the “Mayflower” and also a descendant of Abigail Williams, one of the chief accusers in the Salem Witch Trials, Cord is a single father of three teenage boys and he immediately takes to his new neighbor, Alix. Handsome, hunky, he’s a firefighter with a family legacy rich in history and witchcraft.

Unbeknownst to Alix, Cord is a powerful warlock, something he keeps deeply hidden and repressed. But the gift is there, lurking, and waiting to be called forth. As Alix and Cord fall madly in love, the dark secrets of Evenshade began to rear their ugly head. Alix’s small daughter speaks of a ‘sad girl’, an imaginary companion they discover is not so imaginary. The ghostly girl who inhabits Evenshade is only the tip of the iceberg for an evil curse that soon threatens Alix and her children. Join Alix and Cord for a wild ghost story of horror, curses, passion, true love, and finally, witchcraft, culminating in the ultimate battle for Evenshade – the ghostly occupants against those of flesh and blood.

Please note: This book was previously published as Evenshade by Kathryn Le Veque

Release date: December 8, 2021

Publisher: Oliver Heber Books

Print pages: 288

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