Email-Order Romance: The Complete Series

Email-Order Romance: The Complete Series

Vivi Holt Founding author
Billionaire businessman, Chris Everett, is successful, admired and in charge.
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Three couples desperate enough to try a marriage of convenience to solve their issues.

Three swoon-worthy, heart-warming, marriage-of-convenience romances from the bestselling author of the Make-Believe series. Buy this complete series now at a discounted price.

Book 1: The Billionaire's Email-Order Date

He needs a date for Christmas. She needs the money.

A heartwarming, feel-good Christmas romance. You’ll laugh, cry, and fall in love with this touching, emotional and MAGICAL holiday story…

Billionaire businessman, Chris Everett, is successful, admired and in charge. Still reeling from his wife's death three years earlier, he's shut himself off to love and life. When he decides to follow his friend’s advice and take an email-order date home for Christmas he has no intention of letting his feelings get involved.

Kate Grant is a struggling artist without a family. Abandoned by her fiancé, the thought of facing the holidays alone again is more than she can bear. When Kate turns up at the Everett mansion with a Christmas-Gram to deliver, Chris mistakes her for his date and Kate can't say no to the ten thousand dollars on offer. A snow-white Christmas on a cozy ranch in Montana might be just the thing Kate needs to help her get through the holidays.

Chris soon learns that Kate is hiding more than one secret and, when uncovered, her deception could drive them apart for good. But snow-capped mountains, warm hearths, eggnog, and mistletoe work to draw together two lost souls for a happily-ever-after they never saw coming.

Book 2: The Billionaire's Email-Order Wife

She needs a green card. He’s protecting his wounded heart.

When Australian chef, Eve Partridge, loses her visa and with it the chance at the dream job she’s been working toward her whole career, she’s desperate to find a way to stay in the USA. Her only goal is to get a green card so she can push her way back into the New York restaurant scene and finally get the chance to be head chef at one of the top restaurants in the city.

Billionaire entrepreneur, John Russo’s wounded heart has kept him isolated and alone for so many years he no longer remembers how it feels to connect with a woman, and that’s just fine by him. He has no intention of falling in love ever again. But the isolation is getting to him, and he longs for someone to share his life with.

An email-order bride arrangement seems like the perfect solution to both their problems.

The one thing they didn’t count on was falling in love.

When tragedy pulls them apart, they’ll have a decision to make: will they choose to give love a chance or will ambition rule their hearts?

Book 3: The Billionaire's Email-Order Bride

A washed-up rockstar, a single mother, and a marriage of convenience.

David Weston is done with the rockstar lifestyle. After a decade of decadence, he moves back home to the country hamlet of Ocilla, Georgia, to rediscover who he always meant to be. But finding himself in the small town of his childhood is harder and lonelier than he thought it'd be.

Cassidy lost her husband, her life savings and is on the brink of losing her sanity. With three children to feed and no roof over their heads, she moves back in with her parents. Working two jobs and taking care of a family has exhausted every reserve she has, and with the medical bills piling up, she can't see a way forward.

When a friend signs Cassidy up for online dating, she finds herself face to face with her high-school sweetheart, who just happens to be one of the biggest rockstars in the world.

He's rich, handsome and kind. She's lonely, tired and desperate. When he suggests a marriage of convenience it doesn't take much to convince her to give it a try. But there's more to this relationship than either one is willing to admit.

Three heartwarming, laugh out loud romances with all the feels.

Release date: August 18, 2020

Publisher: Black Lab Press

Print pages: 610

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