Dragon Equinox

Dragon Equinox

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The Haven is consumed by war. The Source has been compromised. Only Numa, an immortal dragon, can turn the tide of battle.

As their ancient enemy brings destruction to their doorstep, the higher races must take drastic measures to stop her once and for all. Numa, the only immortal dragon who remains unmated, is the only one among them who can wield the power necessary to open a portal and usher in their armies, and their last hope.

She'll need a partner, one powerful enough to handle the taxing nature of the ritual. Unfortunately, Fate has not made this an easy task.

With no dreams of her soul mates to guide her, Numa has been made a prize in a contest that will attract immortal heroes and legendary gods. Whosoever wins shall have her as their partner, leaving little room for love.

Unless she happens to fall for all five men at once, of course.

To defy Fate's design might bring annihilation to her people, but what is a dragon to do when faced with an impossible choice? And can the last of Fate's daughters truly find love in a time of war?

Books in the Immortal Dragons Series
1. Dragon Betrayed (Prequel)
2. Dragon Blues (Book 1)
3. Dragon Void (Book 2)
4. Dragon Splendor (Book 3)
5. Dragon Rebel (Book 4)
6. Dragon Guardian (Book 5)
7. Dragon Blessed (Book 5.5)
8. Dragon Equinox (Book 6)
9. Dragon Avenged (200-page Epilogue)

Release date: July 1, 2019

Publisher: Animus Press

Print pages: 332

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