Dragon Guardian

Dragon Guardian

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Time isn't on Aodh's side when he gets trapped in a magical prison on an island thousands of years in the past. The only people who can save him are an old lover he didn't exactly part on good terms with, and the innocent ursa female whose true power has yet to be unleashed as long as she remains a virgin.

Aodh's Fated Mates, Neph and Vrishti, have never met. When the ancient satyr and ursa princess finally do, they aren't quite sure they can trust each other. Will they be able to overcome their misgivings enough to pool their powers and rescue the man they both love?

But even reunited, their journey isn't over. Their mortal enemy is on the loose, and her hunger for power threatens to tear their entire world apart.

Books in the Immortal Dragons Series
1. Dragon Betrayed (Prequel)
2. Dragon Blues (Book 1)
3. Dragon Void (Book 2)
4. Dragon Splendor (Book 3)
5. Dragon Rebel (Book 4)
6. Dragon Guardian (Book 5)
7. Dragon Blessed (Book 5.5)
8. Dragon Equinox (Book 6)
9. Dragon Avenged (200-page epilogue)

Release date: July 1, 2019

Publisher: Animus Press

Print pages: 466

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