Deceptive Voices

Deceptive Voices

Book 2: Storm Voices
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Mac knew the warning signs she'd been taught as a child, but she missed them.
And now she has to live with the results!

Approaching storms come with a flash of lightning, warning of Nature's danger. But for Mackenzie Aldkin, lightning brings a more sinister danger. After one strike of lightning, she now has a scar around her ankle and the ability to hear a murderer's voice.

As Mac works to organize a mystery theater production, she is finding it hard to sort the voice of the killer from those of the actors. But she knows the killer is going to strike. Can she trust herself to follow the voices she hears long enough to prevent a murder, or find a killer? Even her mysterious gray kitten, Shaylee, seems to know evil is lurking backstage.

With her friends and family helping, Mac races the clock, hoping the voice will lead her to the killer and not her own ominous end.

Don't wait for the next lightning strike-get your copy today!

Release date: May 5, 2018

Publisher: Sun, Sand & Stories Publishing

Print pages: 136

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